★ Colorful multiplayer Hidden Object Game on Nintendo WiiWare!! ★

The goal of this Hidden Object Game is to
make Star Power by finding particular items
in colorful stages and defeat boss characters
that try to stop your progress! Stay focused
in order to find the most items among family
and friends in the exciting 4-Player mode.
Also each stage features a unique environment
that randomizes item positions to add more
enjoyment to the whole playing experience.
Adventure on LOST ISLAND - Hidden Object Game
offers a fantastic and fun game experience
for every type of Wii player!!

Our hero, on his way home after a long
voyage, comes across a mysterious
island while sailing the high seas.
As he nears the island a terrible storm
forms and his boat sinks. Our hero wakes
to find that he has drifted to the
mysterious island. There he meets a
charming fairy who tells him of his
Hidden Object adventure to come...

"Are you OK? I saw your boat sink and you drift here.
You seem to be stuck on this island now but
don't worry because I can help you find a way home."

"First you will need to help me collect
Star Power by finding many different items
on this island. The quicker you find the
items I need, the more Star Power I can
make. Let's go to the first area and begin
our Hidden Object adventure on Lost Island!"

TitleAdventure on LOST ISLAND - Hidden Object Game
SystemWii (WiiWare)
Release DataAugust 2010
Price500 Wii Points
GenreHidden Object Game
Number of Players1-4 Players

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